From Christmas To The Cross

Matthew 1:18 says "Now the birth of Jesus was as follows:..." thus the gospel story begins with the introduction of the One who would have the most significant impact on human existence the world has ever known! His name is Jesus!

The One who first gave the news of His incarnation to lowly shepherds instead of earthly kings and did it with the grandest of compositions from the Angelic Host!

The One who made a new star shine over His earthly home and also led wise men to His earthly address on Savior Street in Bethlehem, Judea.

The One of which even modern dating revolves and declares the fact of His advent! Indeed, there is none born who have ever had the impact on our world like Jesus!

So when Matthew tells us of how He came as a Baby, it is imperative that we continue to follow the story all the way to the cross, His death and then the resurrection of Jesus less we miss what the manger was really all about. Christmas would be meaningless without the fact of the Cross and the Resurrection!