Ignite Membership Covenant 

1. Do you promise to pray for the growth and health of this church regularly?

2. Are you willing to cooperate fully with the decisions of the church leadership within biblical guidelines?

3. Will you commit to regularly attend our church functions as your schedule allows?

4. Will you commit to be in community with other believers, allowing yourself to be counseled by mature believers and supported in meaningful relationships?

5. Will you commit to discover your spiritual gifts and use them to build up the Body of Christ?

6. Will you strive to have a consistent testimony to those outside this church body?

7. Will you support the church financially?

8. Will you refrain from gossip, backbiting, or any action that promotes disunity and division?

9. Are you willing to submit to church discipline and restoration for those practicing serious contaminating sins?

10. Are you willing to embrace our statement of faith and our philosophy of ministry?

Ignite Membership Form *
If you have viewed the membership videos, and agree with the beliefs and covenant of Ignite Church, please check the box that applies below.
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