Ignite church began as a burning desire in the hearts of 17 people who were of one mind to be the church and not just a church.  To be a church that held to Matthew 5:16 – Letting their light shine before men so they are moved to glorify God in heaven.  They desired to worship with passion, develop disciples of Christ; and show through words and actions that Christ is as relevant today as He has always been.

The journey began with no building, no financial backing, and no formal structure. The small group of believers heard a powerful message on being "audacious" by a young pastor. In that message they clearly heard, "Do all that is in your heart. Do as you will. Behold I am with you heart and soul." And so began Ignite Church. And also began the idea of being committed to things of the church - "Heart and Soul"

In Ignite’s exciting spiritual journey, it has met in a local business, an old Methodist church, and even a hotel. Eventually God provided a more permanent home in a warehouse in Kingsland although they often refer to that as being in the wilderness due to the dirt parking lot.  Finally, Ignite was again provided a new home in the Watson Realty building where it still meets today.

Ignite has grown and changed in many ways over the first 7 years.  Ignite has gone from one pastor to having co-pastors, families have moved away and new families have come in, and even service times have changed.  Through all the changes and growth the most significant change has been in the individual believers.  This is what drives us, what excites us: Leading people to Christ, growing people up in the grace and knowledge of Christ, making disciples in Christ, and serving Christ by caring for the least of these.